Products - Canoes, Gear, Specials


  • Solo boats - USCA-C1, Unlimited Solo
  • Tandem boats - Aluminum, 2 Man Standard, 2 Man Standard Unlimited, ICF C2 Unlimited
  • Three person boats - 3 Man Standard Unlimited, 3 Man Unlimited
  • Larger team boats - 4 Man Unlimited, 5 Man Unlimited, 6 Man Unlimited
All rentals include up to 3 months of use. Canoes and equipment rented for the Texas Water Safari are to be returned on or before July 1. Canoes and equipment rented for the Colorado River 100 are to be returned on or before September 12.



  • Single blade paddles
  • Double blade paddles


Aluminum Novice Special
  • Aluminum canoe
  • 3 race paddles
  • Extra month rent


Canoes are available for inspection and trial by appointment in Luling, TX (see contact us).